The right nutrition information, communicated in the right way, can inspire change!

Learning about nutrition CAN be fun — and using that knowledge to your advantage is EMPOWERING!

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Andrea Sevsek MSc RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Hi there! I’m Andrea.

I'm a holistic nutrition coach, former college teacher, and a science writer for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I am also the Director of NutritionPro Mentor, an online mentorship program for holistic nutrition professionals.

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and fitness, even as a teenager. I would voraciously read anything on nutrition I could get my hands on. I loved it so much that I studied nutritional sciences in university, along with organic chemistry. When I was in graduate school, my friends called me a fitnut because I was teaching fitness classes and taking a course to become a Certified Fitness Assessor while studying to earn my Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences.

So when I started my own business, there was never any question as to what it would be called! I also called my business an "enterprise" because I'm a Star Trek fan, and because the name made sense as health is a journey of balancing fitness and nutrition.

As part of FitNut Enterprises, I offer expert nutrition and wellness communication services in the form of professional speaking, workshop facilitation, professional writing and editing, as well as nutrition consulting and coaching for individuals and groups.

I have been empowered by knowledge to change my life and health for the better. My Mission is to share this knowledge so that you can do the same!

(The right) Knowledge is Power!

“When you know better, you do better, so you feel better.”